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PC75UU-2 21W-26-00010 Swing Motor For Excavator

PC75UU-2 21W-26-00010 Swing Motor For Excavator

21W-26-00010 Swing Motor For Excavator

PC75UU-2 Swing Motor For Excavator

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Made in China

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Negotiable Price
T/T, PayPal, Alibaba Trade Assurance
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After-sales Services:
Huangpu, Guangzhou
Place Of Origin:
Guangdong, China
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Minimum Order Quantity
1 piece
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Wooden packing
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Payment Terms
T/T, Paypal and Alibaba Trade Assurance
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Product Description

Excavator PC75UU-2 21W-26-00010 slew motor swing motor assy in a competitive price




Part name

Belparts swing motor







Payment term

T/T, Paypal, Trade assurance, or as required


2 days after the payment received


by sea, by air, by express, or as required


PC75UU-2 21W-26-00010 Swing Motor For Excavator 0


PC75UU-2 21W-26-00010 Swing Motor For Excavator 1


PC75UU-2 21W-26-00010 Swing Motor For Excavator 2

Parts on group :


Pos. Part No Qty Parts name
  21W-26-00010 [1] SWING MACHINERY A. Komatsu China
  ["SN: 1001-UP"] |1.
1. 20X-26-21210 [1] CARRIER Komatsu China
  ["SN: 1001-UP"]
2. 07043-00312 [1] PLUG Komatsu
  ["SN: 1001-UP"] analogs:["YMR000378", "YM23871030000"]
3. 20X-26-21220 [3] GEAR Komatsu China
  ["SN: 1001-UP"]
4. 20X-26-21240 [3] BEARING Komatsu
  ["SN: 1001-UP"] analogs:["20Y2621281", "20Y2621280", "20Y2621510"]
5. 20X-26-21250 [6] WASHER Komatsu
  ["SN: 1001-UP"]
6. 20X-26-21230 [3] SHAFT Komatsu China
  ["SN: 1001-UP"]
7. 04025-00632 [3] PIN,SPRING Komatsu
  ["SN: 1001-UP"]
8. 06043-00215 [1] BEARING Komatsu
  ["SN: 1001-UP"]
9. 20X-26-21160 [1] GEAR Komatsu China
  ["SN: 1001-UP"]
10. 06040-06306 [1] BEARING Komatsu
  ["SN: 1001-UP"]
11. 06040-06906 [1] BEARING Komatsu
  ["SN: 1001-UP"]
12. 20X-26-21110 [1] CAGE Komatsu China
  ["SN: 1001-UP"]
13. 06030-22314 [1] BEARING Komatsu
  ["SN: 1001-UP"]
14. 04071-00150 [1] RING,SNAP Komatsu
  ["SN: 1001-UP"]
15. 07012-00085 [1] SEAL,OIL Komatsu
  ["SN: 1001-UP"] analogs:["4232211750"]
16. 20X-26-21350 [1] GEAR Komatsu China
  ["SN: 1001-UP"] analogs:["20X2621360"]
17. 07000-05055 [1] O-RING Komatsu China
  ["SN: 1001-UP"] analogs:["0700015055"]
18. 20X-26-21280 [1] HOLDER Komatsu China
  ["SN: 1001-UP"]
19. 01011-51600 [1] BOLT Komatsu
  ["SN: 1001-UP"] analogs:["0101161600", "801014198", "0101131600", "0101181600"]
20. 20X-26-21190 [2] O-RING Komatsu China
  ["SN: 1001-UP"]
21. 20X-26-21180 [1] GEAR Komatsu China
  ["SN: 1001-UP"]
22. 20X-26-21120 [1] CASE Komatsu China
  ["SN: 1001-UP"]
23. 20X-26-21130 [1] COVER Komatsu China
  ["SN: 1001-UP"]
24. 07042-30108 [1] PLUG Komatsu
  ["SN: 1001-UP"] analogs:["0704220108"]
25. 20X-26-21150 [1] GEAR Komatsu China
  ["SN: 1001-UP"]
26. 06040-06207 [2] BEARING Komatsu
  ["SN: 1001-UP"]
27. 04065-07225 [1] RING,SNAP Komatsu
  ["SN: 1001-UP"]
28. 01011-51235 [9] BOLT Komatsu
  ["SN: 1001-UP"] analogs:["0101181235"]
29. 01011-51205 [1] BOLT Komatsu China
  ["SN: 1001-UP"]
30. 01643-31232 [10] WASHER Komatsu
  ["SN: 1001-UP"] analogs:["0164371232", "0164381232", "802170003", "R0164331232", "0614331232"]
31. 01010-51255 [2] BOLT Komatsu
  ["SN: 1001-UP"] analogs:["0101081255", "3007572X", "801014128"]
33. 04020-01024 [1] PIN,DOWEL Komatsu
  ["SN: 1001-UP"] analogs:["PZF890001197"]
34. 04020-01434 [1] PIN,DOWEL Komatsu
  ["SN: 1001-UP"]
35. 07049-01215 [3] PLUG Komatsu
  ["SN: 1001-UP"]
36. 07049-01620 [2] PLUG Komatsu
  ["SN: 1001-UP"]
37. 21W-26-11130 [1] ELBOW Komatsu China
  ["SN: 1001-UP"] analogs:["21W2611131"]
38. 07323-30600 [1] ELBOW Komatsu
  ["SN: 1001-UP"]
39. 07042-30617 [1] PLUG Komatsu China
  ["SN: 1001-UP"]
40. 21W-26-11111 [1] FILLER Komatsu China
  ["SN: 1001-UP"]
41. 21W-26-11121 [1] GAUGE Komatsu China
  ["SN: 1001-UP"]
42. 01010-51655 [10] BOLT Komatsu
  ["SN: 1001-UP"] analogs:["0101061655", "801015613", "0101031655", "0101081655"]
43. 01643-31645 [10] WASHER Komatsu
  ["SN: 1001-UP"] analogs:["802170005", "0164301645"]
44. 04020-01638 [2] PIN,DOWEL Komatsu
  ["SN: 1001-UP"]


Company Information

PC75UU-2 21W-26-00010 Swing Motor For Excavator 3

In-sale service:

  • 1: Once we receive the order list, we will confirm the exact model and quantity one by one, then place the order list to each factory.
  • 2: We will track the production progress and quality, check the exact model and quantity one by one before delivering. Because we’re exporting agent for factories, so our leading time is shorter, quality tracking is more strict.
  • And you can buy the all excavator spare parts from our company, because we’re professional in whole excavator spare parts, not only for some products like factories.
  • 3: Lowest sea freight cost and best service. We’re cooperating with our forwarders for many years, so we can get the best price and service for each customer.


After-sale service:

  • After-sale service is most important in each business, we will do the below things in each order:
  • 1: Tracking the shipment and inform the customer before the Arrival Date.
  • 2: Check the goods together with our customers and tracking the quality during the use condition.
  • 3: We will charge all questions if you buy from me because reputation is most important in exporting business.


Our Company

PC75UU-2 21W-26-00010 Swing Motor For Excavator 4PC75UU-2 21W-26-00010 Swing Motor For Excavator 5

Loed in Guangzhou China, GZ Belparts Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd was founded in September 2013. Now, we have one shop, one warehouse, and one office as well as a professional team for purchasing, selling, packing, shipping, and after-sale service.

Our main products are Excavator Hydraulic spare parts, Hydraulic main pump, Swing Motor, Travel Motor, Final Drive Ass'y, Swing Ass'y, Swing Gearbox, Travel Gearbox, and other hydraulic items with genuine and aftermarket quality. Until now, our products enjoy a high reputation all over the world and have been exported to more than 125 countries and regions, spreading all over the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe and Oceania with its own brand "Belparts" are widely acclaimed by foreign customers.




PC75UU-2 21W-26-00010 Swing Motor For Excavator 6



PC75UU-2 21W-26-00010 Swing Motor For Excavator 7

PC75UU-2 21W-26-00010 Swing Motor For Excavator 8

  • 1.Outside packing: standard export carton packing;
  • 2.According to orders, pack the spare parts one by one in a small plastic bag;
  • 3.Put them into small carton boxes one by one;
  • 4.Put the packed small carton boxes into bigger carton boxes one by one;
  • 5.Put the bigger carton boxes into wooden boxes if necessary especially for
  • the shipments by sea.



  • 1.Are you a trader or a manufacture?
  • A: We run an industry &trade integration business.
  • 2.Do you test all your goods before delivery?
  • A: Yes, we check the whole procession until our customer receives the parcels.
  • 3.How long for delivery time after the payment?
  • A: Usually, we will deliver goods within 2 days.
  • 4.How can I trace my order during the time?
  • A: We will send you the tracking number as the goods are sent.
  • 5.What service can you provide if we buy your brand products?
  • A: we will offer online consultation and other small gifts.
  • 6.What will you do if you receive a quality complaint?
  • A: Reply within 24 hours. If it confirms the product has a quality problem, we will make corresponding compensation.


PC75UU-2 21W-26-00010 Swing Motor For Excavator 9

PC75UU-2 21W-26-00010 Swing Motor For Excavator 10

PC75UU-2 21W-26-00010 Swing Motor For Excavator 11PC75UU-2 21W-26-00010 Swing Motor For Excavator 12




PC75UU-2 21W-26-00010 Swing Motor For Excavator 13PC75UU-2 21W-26-00010 Swing Motor For Excavator 14

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