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Belparts Excavator Swing Gearbox For Komatsu PC70-8 Excavator Rotary Reduction 201-26-00060

Belparts Excavator Swing Gearbox For Komatsu PC70-8 Excavator Rotary Reduction 201-26-00060

PC70-8 Excavator Swing Gearbox

201-26-00060 Excavator Swing Gearbox

Komatsu Excavator Swing Gearbox

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Swing Reduction Gearbox
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Wrap With Shrink Film
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Product Description:

The Excavator Swinging Gear Unit is compatible with multiple brands, including Hitachi and others. It is designed to fit different machine models, including SK250-8, SK230-6, SK250-6, and SK460-8. Additionally, it can also be applied for CX240, SH240-5, and CX240LR.

The Excavator Swinging Gear Unit is packaged in a wooden case to ensure that it is well-protected during transportation. The wooden case provides an additional layer of protection to the Excavator Turning Gearbox, ensuring that it arrives at its destination in excellent condition.

Overall, the Excavator Swinging Gear Unit is an essential component of the excavator, and it is crucial to choose a high-quality Excavator Turning Gearbox to ensure its proper functioning. With its compatibility with multiple brands and different machine models, the Excavator Swinging Gear Unit is a versatile component that can be used in various excavators.



  • Product Name: Excavator Swing Gearbox
  • Gearing Arrangement: Planetary
  • Part Model: PC70-8
  • Compatible Brand: Hitachi, Other
  • Certification: ISOCE
  • Part Number: 9300512
  • Used for: Excavator Revolving Gearbox, Construction Machinery Rotational Gearbox, Earthmoving Machine Swing Reducer

Technical Parameters:

Product Name: Excavator Swing Gearbox
Part Number: 9300512
Part Model: PC70-8
Gearing Arrangement: Planetary
Apply To: Swing Gearbox
Apply For: CX240 SH240-5 CX240LR
Machine Model: SK250-8, SK230-6, SK250-6, SK460-8
Motor No: JMF29-01-PK-19
Showroom Location: None
Inner Packing: Wrap With Shrink Film


The Excavator Swing Gearbox is an essential component of the excavator's hydraulic system. It is responsible for the smooth rotation of the excavator's upper structure, which includes the cab, engine, and boom. This product is commonly used in construction, mining, and other heavy-duty applications.

This Excavator Rotary Gearbox is ideal for various occasions and scenarios. It can be used for digging, drilling, grading, and other excavation tasks that require the rotation of the upper structure. The Excavator Swinging Gear Unit is also useful for loading and unloading materials from trucks or other vehicles.

Whether you're working on a construction site, a mining operation, or a demolition project, the Excavator Turning Gearbox will provide you with the power and precision you need to get the job done efficiently. It is designed to withstand the toughest working conditions and is built to last.

If you're looking for a reliable and durable Excavator Swing Gearbox, Belparts has got you covered. Our products are of the highest quality and are designed to meet the needs of our customers. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us.

Belparts Excavator Swing Gearbox For Komatsu PC70-8 Excavator Rotary Reduction 201-26-00060 0


List of spare parts


Pos. Part No Qty Parts name Remark
  201-26-00130 [1] SWING MACHINERY A. Komatsu 64.94 kg.
  ["SN: 59579-UP"] |1.
  201-26-00060 [1] SWING MACHINERY A. Komatsu China  
  ["SN: 52374-59578"] |1.
  201-26-00040 [1] SWING MACHINERY A. Komatsu 79.01 kg.
  ["SN: 45001-52373"] |1.
1. 201-26-71113 [1] Komatsu 20.5 kg.
  ["SN: 54161-UP"]
  201-26-71112 [1] Komatsu China  
  ["SN: 52374-54160"] |1.
  201-26-71111 [1] Komatsu China  
  ["SN: 45001-52373"] |1.
2. 201-26-71140 [1] SHAFT Komatsu 6.18 kg.
  ["SN: 45001-UP"]
3. 201-26-71261 [1] PLATE Komatsu 0.56 kg.
  ["SN: 53993-UP"]
  201-26-71260 [1] PLATE Komatsu 0.56 kg.
  ["SN: 45001-53992"] analogs:["2012671261"] |3.
4. 201-26-71210 [1] BEARING Komatsu 2.073 kg.
  ["SN: 45001-UP"]
5. 07012-00065 [1] SEAL,OIL Komatsu 0.062 kg.
  ["SN: 45001-UP"]
6. 201-26-62320 [1] BEARING Komatsu China  
  ["SN: 45001-UP"] analogs:["890001448"]
7. 201-26-71250 [1] SPACER Komatsu China  
  ["SN: 45001-UP"] analogs:["890001449"]
8. 07145-00125 [1] SEAL,OIL Komatsu China 0.07 kg.
  ["SN: 45001-UP"]
9. 07020-00900 [1] FITTING,GREASE Komatsu 0.01 kg.
  ["SN: 45001-UP"] analogs:["0700000900", "M012443000109", "R0702000900"]
10. 21W-26-41310 [1] PIPE Komatsu China  
  ["SN: 59579-UP"]
  201-26-62420 [1] PIPE Komatsu China  
  ["SN: 45001-59578"] analogs:["890001452"] |10.
11. 07042-30312 [1] PLUG Komatsu China  
  ["SN: 45001-UP"] analogs:["890001453", "0704220312"]
12. 07029-00000 [1] VALVE Komatsu 0.09 kg.
  ["SN: 45001-UP"] analogs:["6127613890"]
13. 07042-00415 [1] PLUG Komatsu 0.056 kg.
  ["SN: 45001-UP"]
14. 201-26-71130 [1] CARRIER Komatsu 1.61 kg.
  ["SN: 45001-UP"]
15. 201-26-71230 [3] SHAFT Komatsu 0.27 kg.
  ["SN: 45001-UP"]
16. 20S-26-71250 [3] PIN Komatsu China  
  ["SN: 45001-UP"] analogs:["890001458"]
17. 201-26-71180 [3] GEAR Komatsu 0.54 kg.
  ["SN: 45001-UP"]
18. 201-26-71290 [3] BEARING Komatsu 0.1 kg.
  ["SN: 45001-UP"]
19. 201-26-71270 [6] WASHER,THRUST Komatsu 0.011 kg.
  ["SN: 45001-UP"]
20. 04064-02512 [3] RING,SNAP Komatsu 0.002 kg.
  ["SN: 45001-UP"]
21. 201-26-71240 [1] WASHER,THRUST Komatsu 0.32 kg.
  ["SN: 45001-UP"]
22. 201-26-71121 [1] CARRIER Komatsu 0.65 kg.
  ["SN: 52374-UP"]
  201-26-71120 [1] CARRIER Komatsu China  
  ["SN: 45001-52373"] |22.
23. 201-26-71220 [3] SHAFT Komatsu 0.12 kg.
  ["SN: 45001-UP"]
25. 201-26-71160 [3] GEAR Komatsu 0.15 kg.
  ["SN: 45001-UP"]
26. 424-15-12580 [3] BEARING Komatsu China  
  ["SN: 45001-UP"] analogs:["890001468"]
30. 201-26-71150 [1] GEAR Komatsu 0.19 kg.
  ["SN: 45001-UP"]
31. 201-26-71171 [1] GEAR Komatsu 0.45 kg.
  ["SN: 52374-UP"] analogs:["2012671170"]
  201-26-71170 [1] GEAR Komatsu 0.45 kg.
  ["SN: 45001-52373"] analogs:["2012671171"] |31.
32. 201-26-71190 [1] GEAR,RING Komatsu 6.6 kg.
  ["SN: 45001-UP"]
33. 07049-01620 [2] PLUG Komatsu 0.002 kg.
  ["SN: 45001-UP"]
34. 07049-02025 [4] PLUG Komatsu 0.002 kg.
  ["SN: 54161-UP"]
35. 04020-01638 [2] PIN Komatsu 0.064 kg.
  ["SN: 45001-UP"]


Support and Services:

We offer technical support for our Excavator Swing Gearbox to assist with installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance. Our team of experienced technicians is available to answer any questions and provide guidance to ensure optimal performance of the product.

In addition to technical support, we also offer repair and maintenance services for our Excavator Swing Gearbox. Our skilled technicians use advanced diagnostic tools and techniques to identify any issues and provide efficient and effective repairs.

Overall, our Excavator Swing Gearbox is a reliable and durable product backed by our commitment to providing exceptional technical support and services.

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